Essential Metadata for 3D BRAIN Microscopy

The Essential Metadata for 3D BRAIN Microscopy, developed by the BRAIN 3D Microscopy Working Group, helps ensure that a 3D microscopy dataset is sufficiently described to support its’ re-use by scientists who did not generate the data. Adoption of these metadata standards will aid investigators who want to share data, helping them to evaluate and decide which data can be combined.

The metadata fields are organized into seven categories: Contributors, Funders, Publication, Instrument, Dataset, Specimen, and Image.  Each metadata field is specified by a name, definition, a list of allowable values, whether it is required, and the number of times it can be repeated for a dataset.  The tables below also indicate whether the metadata field supports assignment of a digital object identifier (DOI) to the dataset and whether there are equivalent standards in the DataCite metadata schema and the Open Microscopy Environment.

A manuscript describing the standards is available here:


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